Overgrown eyebrow hair can be minutely and neatly removed with the help of tweezers. Though a painful procedure, one can permanently get rid of the bushy eyebrows by employing safe and simple techniques of tweezing. Find out more about plucking your messy eyebrows with tweezers by reading the following article.

1.   Pick a natural light source for your tweezing.

2.   Place a warm washcloth over brows for 5 – 10 minutes.

3.   Exfoliate brow with a washcloth to help free up any (potential) ingrown hairs.

4.   Pull skin taut and remove offending hairs as close to the root as you can AND in the direction of the growth.

5.   Close pores with an astringent when you have completed the session.


  • Tweezing or snipping should be done weekly. Attempting to accomplish the entire brow in one sitting will likely lead to mistakes.
  • Teething gel for babies can be used to deaden the pain if you find tweezing very uncomfortable.
  • Avoid tweezing (if possible) around menstruation. It simply hurts more at this time.
  • Always trim your hair before tweezing the extra eyebrow hair
  • Use ice to reduce the pain, swelling or redness while tweezing
  • Start slowly and ensure that your arch brow is in length with the eye
  • Do not try changing the shape of your eyebrows completely
  • Use an effective source of light and mirror to do the tweezing of eyebrows
  • You can preview the desired shape by drawing a line with an eyebrow pencil
  • Do not over-tweeze your eyebrows or they will become absolutely thin and you will look surprised all the time
  • Tweeze the short unruly growth of eyebrow hair
  • Trim the long eyebrow hair and do not tweeze them
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