Divine Locks – Solution to your Hair Problems


I was waking up in the middle of the night worried about the problem with my thinning hair. My brittle,thinning hair was causing more pain for me every day.

I started looking for a solution. Reading online, i got concerned If I have cancer that is causing my hair to fall at this rate every day?

I checked the salt in my water softener everyday to see if its working or not.

Still no solution! Until I found DivineLocks.

If you suffer from any of the following problems with your Hair ,

  • Hair look more like a group of cobwebs year after year
  • Scalp becomes more visible with every day that goes by
  • And straw-like strands are dry and damaged and break easily

Using Divine Locks Method – that anyone can use to rejuvenate the thick, healthy and beautiful hair of your youth!

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How to do a Refreshing Facial At Home


So you have to go to a party!

And you don’t have the time to hit a beauty parlor. Right?

Don’t worry – Here is a Refreshing Do It Yourself Facial at Home with Clear Skin Tips that will make your face glow and make you the life of the party.

What do you need for this facial at home?

Well here is a list of all the things shown in the video, but you can pick and choose what you want to use. In some cases if you have another brand/product that is your favorite then feel free to use that…

Micellar Water, Tweezers, Face Razor, Nose Trimmer, Clinique Acne Soap, Clarisonic, Face Steamer + Extraction Tools, Ice Roller, Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Oil, Jade Stone Gua Sha, CeraVe Lotion, Fresh Lotus Eye Gel, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Water.

Refreshing Do It Yourself Facial at Home with Clear Skin Tips
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IBS Gets a makeover for iPhone


Indian Beauty Salon is now pretty looking on iPhone!
We just did a makeover of our website specially for iphone users. So now its easy for you to find, comment, read and explore your favorite site – Indian Beauty Salon in iPhone.

simply point your safari browser to and let us know your thoughts!

Thanks for visiting us.

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Global Indian Woman Cafe Minnesota


Global Indian Woman Cafe (GIWCafe)
Indian Women Community
Manju, Ghosh
222 Heritage Ln,Circle Pines, Minnesota 55014 US
Ph: (763) 717-0401, (763) 439-9703

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Indian Beauty Salon in Boston, Massachusetts


Aalok fashion Beauty Salon
19 Depot Square
Lexington, MA-02420
781- 274-6996

Anitas Beauty Shop
63 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA-01930
(978) 281-0416

Anitas Beauty Shop
RR 28
WestYarmouth, MA-02673
(508) 790-9456

Anitas  Design Hair salon
420 Main Street
Stoneham, MA-02180
(781) 438-2540
Dreams Beauty Salon
350 Newbury St
Boston, MA
(617) 266-8600
 Queens Beauty Salon
158 concord rd
Billerica, MA-01821
(978) 663-2372
Meena’s Salon
BOSTON, MA-01760-4049
(508) 975-4041
Northboro Road
Marlborough, MA-01752
502) 407-8530

Sahlinl’s Beauty Salon & Spa
222 Turnpike Road
Westborough, MA-01581
(508) 366-9530
Sonias Beauty Salon
425 Broadway
Chelsea, MA-02150
(617) 887-2832
30 Mrlboro str
Quincy, MA-02170
781- 752-9887

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How Indian Beauty Salons make Millions


As per a very old article in Times of India titled “A well made-up dollar dream” many NRI brides already have a plan before they land up in US.

Due to the laws and restrictions against legally working in a job – and a tough competition its an easier way to start the beauty parlor at home, serve your neighbors, build a good reputation and who knows, before long you can have your own parlor in a shopping mall with high foot traffic. Reality is not too far with this million dollar dream.

As per the TOI article

“Call it the beautiful route to success abroad. For a large number of wannabe NRI brides, the way to earn some extra moolah is to do a beauty course ‘here’ and set up a flourishing business ‘there’.

After all, the West is (re)discovering Indian beauty and young brides are the perfect messengers to take these elements of Brand India and sell it to foreigners. Not surprisingly, during the months from October to December, our local beauticians are a busy lot. Training young starry-eyed NRI brides in the nuances of make-up and facials. Add to it some extra skills of massage, yoga or henna and the package is complete.

“The number of young NRI brides wanting to train as beauticians before they fly abroad has increased considerably,” says Falguni Brahmbhatt of Shehnaz Herbal Skin Care and Beauty Clinic.

“After doing a diploma and advanced course, they just need to do another course abroad before they set up a parlour.” Which is exactly what Bhumika Patel, a 22-year-old commerce graduate, intends to do.

Patel, soon flying to London after her wedding, is currently doing a crash course in beauty treatments and skin care. She is in a hurry. “I have been told there is a lot of scope for beauticians in London. I may work for a few months before branching out on my own.” On the other hand, Priya Shah, 25, another to-be NRI bride, is better prepared.

She has also trained in reiki, yoga and stress-management and has recently added beauty treatments to her CV before she flies to USA. “I don’t like the idea of working. This way, I can earn without too much effort.” A well made-up dollar dream The scope is indeed large. Apart from the large Asian clientele that are always on the look-out for Indian massages, henna and wedding make-up, even the foreigners trip for it. All of which adds up to a sizeable income for the beautician.

Non-taxable and ease in getting a licence too (since they mostly tend to project it as a hobby instead of a business). Apart from which, as Sonali Shah of Soi beauty clinic says, certificate and diploma beauty courses are helpful in getting jobs at Indian herbal clinics abroad. It’s not so easy, but if they fail, they still have the option of operating from home.

“I know around nine students of mine who are working in Chicago, New York and London. They can earn in huge amounts,” she says. So what sells in the beauty stakes? The buzzwords are ‘herbal’ or ‘traditional’. Learn these skills in rupees and you can earn in dollars. Shraddha Shah, aroma-therapy specialist at Faceline Aroma clinic has a specific package that works well in Western countries — a blend of traditional aromatherapy with advanced beauty techniques. The course finds a number of takers among NRI brides.

“After all, whichever part of the world they go to, they are bound to find Indian clients,” says Shah.

Quite the perfect way to mix traditional beauty skills to suit Western needs and make a decent living on phoren lands.”

Here is the link to Original TOI article by Lekha Menon: (,flstry-1.cms

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Indian Beauty Parlor- Threading, Facial, Henna, Bridal and more


Welcome to the Indian Beauty Salon.Com.

A website about Indian Beauty Parlors and Salons across the world. We are trying to put together all of the indian beauty parlor information, their ratings by customers and comments by people like you!

Please provide your inputs to make this site and information more helpful to other fellow Indian Beauty Parlor customers who would like to know how a beauty salon is rated.

Our rating for indian beauty parlors is composed of 4 pointers: Service at the beauty salon, Cost of the services, Location of the indian beauty salon and the expertise of services at that salon.

We try our best to provide information about Beauty Parlours across USA, Europe, Australia, UK and Canada.

If you would like to add your information here, please send us an email to or comment in the appropriate section where you would like to add your information. is the one stop information shop for Indian Beauty Parlors in United states, Europe, Canada, UK and Australia.

Indian beauty parlors across the world provide threading, facial and other beauty services. The Threading is an excellent way to trim and shape your eyebrows using a thread.

Some parlors also provide Bridal makeup and other bridal services. Henna is one of the most popular indian beauty service that is provided by many indian beauty salons.

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Farri’s Beauty Salon and Supply, Artesia


Farri’s Beauty Salon & Supply

18743 Pioneer B.,Suite 101,

Artesia,CA 90701

Phone:(562)860-4480,Pager:(562)227 3054

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Electrology Clinic, Cupertino, CA


Electrology Clinic Cupertino
10301 S De Anza Blvd, #2, Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: (408) 245-1968

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Summer Care for Your Skin!


Its Summer time! Fun time – beach time – sun bath time and unfortunately, if you do not take care of yourself it could turn into a Sun burn time.

Most people are not aware that skin cancer, while largely preventable, is the most common form of cancer in the United States, with more than 1 million cases reported annually.

Skin cancer may happen due to many reasons, but you can still enjoy your time in the sun while protecting yourself from overexposure just by following a few simple steps:

Your best bet is to stay indoor – but thats not fun…so use as many of the following actions as possible.

Midday Sun-Less time: The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Whenever possible, limit exposure to the sun during these hours.

Seek Shade: Staying under cover is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun. Remember the shadow rule: “Watch Your Shadow. No Shadow, Seek Shade!”

Always Use Sunscreen: A broad-spectrum sunscreen, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, blocks most UV radiation. Apply sunscreen liberally on exposed skin and reapply every two hours when working or playing outdoors. Even waterproof sunscreen can come off when you towel off sweat or water.
Wear a Hat: A hat with a wide brim offers good sun protection for your eyes, ears, face and the back of your neck — areas particularly prone to overexposure to the sun.

Cover Up: Wearing tightly woven, loose-fitting and full-length clothing is a good way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.  Wear Sunglasses That Block 99-100% of UV Radiation: Sunglasses that provide 99-100% UVA and UVB protection will greatly reduce sun exposure that can lead to cataracts and other eye damage. Check the label when buying sunglasses.
Avoid Sunlamps and Tanning Salons: The light source from sunbeds and sunlamps damages the skin and unprotected eyes. It’s a good idea to avoid artificial sources of UV light.
Watch for the UV Index: The UV Index provides important information to help you plan your outdoor activities in ways that prevent overexposure to the sun. Developed by the National Weather Service (NWS) and EPA, the UV Index is issued daily in select cities across the United States.

Have a happy, healthy, fun filled Summer beautiful!

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Send Beauty and Makeup Gifts to Your loved ones in India


Shopper’s Stop, India helps you bring your loved ones closer to you. Now you can send gifts or love – gifts of beauty, fragrances, apparels and much more to your parents, brother-sisters and in-laws in India.

Shoppers Stop provides you a unique gift giving ideas and delivers to more than 150 cities in India. If you are using your HDFC credit card, you can even get a 7.5% cashback.


Using Shopper’s Stop, you can also send Watches, Salwar-Kurta, Perfumes, Sunglasses, Travel gifts and Gifts vouchers to your friends and family in India. And why only, that, TREAT Yourself to some nice stuff too. Afterall, its for you too Khoobsurat!

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A 5 Minutes Manicure


Hey beautiful! What can you do in 5 minutes?
– Fill up gas
– Get a burger at the drive-in
– Checkout your favorite movie at blockbuster
– Do something naughty with someone you love 🙂

Or, You can make yourself look more beautiful! How? Here is  a quick tip to get a manicure in 5 minutes!

First, Shape Your Nails

  • Trim your nailes to the length you desire. You can use a nipper, scissors or a nail clip.
  • Using a nail board or file shape and smooth your nail edges.
  • To prevent nails from splitting, start from each side and file your nails towards center in one direction.

Groom the Cuticles

  • To soften your cuticles, Soak the fingers in warm water.
  • Leave cuticles moist but pat nails dry.
  • Apply a cuticle remover.
  • Gently push back cuticles with a cotton-wrapped cuticle stick.
  • Nip away excess hangnails.
  • Wash off excess Cuticle remover and pat dry.
  • Apply cuticle treatment and massage.

Prep Nails

  • Apply an nail treatment or base coat. A base coat will help protect nails.
  • Smooth the nail surface and help manicure/pedicure to last longer.

Apply Nail Polish

  • Now take your favorite nail color and apply to these nails.

Shine and finish

  • Use a top coat to seal the nails.
  • Apply a cuticle oil after you are done.
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How to Maintain Your Fashion Status in this recession?


Believe it or not, Its recession. Its affecting every one. Some are affected more and some are less. Many people I know have stopped going on shopping sprees, and cutting their credit cards to save some money.

So, how do we keep up with the latest fashion, and maintain that status in this recession? How do we still get that WOW! What a dress! gesture from friends and family? Here are some tips…

Go for a low cost – low maintanence dress which is really good, instead of spending on 3-4 dresses which are just so-so. This will make sure your dress stands out, and will also make sure your credit cards stay in. Low maintanance will also help you reduce those laundry bills.

If you dont want to buy something new, wake up the creative genious in you. That old skirt you always wore and now its eating dust. Mix-n-match it with a sexy top, put on a pashmina or a scarf, and there you go! a whole new look without spending a buck. You can do wonders with your existing clothes and accessories if you just be a little creative.

Ok, so you do want something new but dont want to spend much? Instead of a dress, go for an accessory. Not only will it give you a new look, it will satisfy your shopping craving also.

enjoy..have a happy shopping!


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10 Fashion Tips for modern girls…

0 you are. I guess if you are on this page you are looking for something new. Something that has never been told or said before – let alone published on the web.

I’ll try to provide you with some novelty ideas….

Be Different:
   If you know the people you are going to meet – like at a party, or the gettogether, you probably know about their dressing sense. Just give five minutes of thought to what you think they will be wearing and that will help you decide your best attire. Just do it different from what you think they will be doing.

Scarves on the move:
 Scarves are a good piece of clothing that can make that lasting impression. Try it. Scarves are a great way to add a touch of color and fashion to any outfit, while pocket squares can bring a vibrant touch of color to tailored suits.

Color it (B)right:

Bright colors bring attention to an area – make sure you wear them wisely and only on your most flattering body parts.90% of looking your best is simply a choice of wearing the proper colors for your season. Your skin looks younger and healthier, eyes look brighter, teeth look whiter

Go for the short nail with the big impact. Snap up your fall look with glam metallics. Think of heavy metals infused with pigment and sheen like the patina of rich auto exteriors and you?ve nailed the right color for your next manicure.

Messy makeup lines can ruin your look! Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. This is the key to looking great.

There are days when you just can’t get the minute to fix your hair. And then, there are times when the nonchalant ponytail is just what makes an otherwise elaborate outfit look simple and polished. Try Ponytail, once in a while.

Skip Denim when everybody else won’t. If you are going to be at a place where most of the folks would come in a jeans, go for a dress. Make a statement.

Jewelry – You don’t have to invest a fortune for a great look. High quality costume jewelry is perfectly acceptable, except for rings, which should be real gold or silver. One in each hand please. Pearls and a quality watch are also excellent wardrobe investments.

Forget about sizes – Choose the clothing that fits you best. Choose misses or half sizes if they fit better. Too tight clothes only add on the pounds! Don’t wear anything that is too tight. Skirts should cover the knee; jackets should not strain with movement; armholes need to be large enough

Wear this even when you are not dressed up to your best, dont forget to wear your attitude. Above all that matters, Attitude matters alot.

Try these, and let me know how you feel….meanwhile, i will work on a few beauty tips for the Khoobsurat in you!

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Want a Younger Look? Try this Diet.

The diet plays a great role in your looking young. An adequate diet prevents you not only from falling ill but also from looking old. Let us see some wonderful ways in which a healthy diet helps us look young and beautiful.


Skin: Mostly your skin is the perfect mirror to your age. As you start aging, your skin does not remain tight and gradually loses its glow. But there are certain ways in which you can look maintain your skin and attractive looks.
  • Introduce good amount of zinc and vitamin A in your diet. Zinc helps in the skin’s auto repair mechanism and vitamin A keeps the skin supple, preventing dryness and helping shed dead cells. Zinc is commonly found in beef, eggs and sea food whereas many dark-green leafy vegetables are rich in beta carotene, which are the body converts of vitamin A. Beta carotene is also present in surplus amount in carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet red peppers, apricots and mangoes.
  • Vitamin C improves the blood supply to the skin and helps in forming collagen, the fibrous protein which lies under the skin’s surface and gives it a smooth appearance. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits and juices, cauliflower, snow peas, red and green peppers, broccoli, white and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and watermelon.
  • Greens are wonderful source of skin preserving nutrients and generally the darker the leaves, the more nutritious.
  • The cooking of food also matters a lot. The longer you cook the food, the greater is the loss of vitamins and texture. Do not soak the vegetables for long while washing them otherwise the water soluble vitamin C will be drained with the water.
  • Drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day is also a great way to keep your skin healthy.
  • Avoid excess of coffee and colas. Coffee contains caffeine, a diuretic that induces water loss.
  • Hair: Hair are also an essential ingredient to look young and vibrant. Long and beautiful hair add to your appearance.
    • Eat food rich in iron and protein (amino acids) such as green leafy vegetables, red meat, milk, eggs and grains etc.
    • Wash your hair regularly and avoid using chemicals on your hair.

    Immune system: besides all that which is apparently visible, there is another important ingredient to good and young looks i.e. your immune system. At a growing age the immune system needs to be strong enough to ward off all kinds of health snags. In order to keep your immune system healthy, eat food rich in vitamins E and C and beta carotene known as anti oxidants which are powerful disease fighters.

    If your immune system is not good, with age the cells of your body start damaging due to the accumulated toxic compounds called free radicals. To counter that anti-oxidants are a good choice. Anti oxidants impair the ability of these substances to attack healthy cells and thus avoid some of the damage.

    Finally to stay healthy and fit even while growing old, you must consume good amount of proteins. Proteins should make up nearly 10-30% of your daily diet, around 10% calories should be taken through the fats and the rest should be compensated through carbohydrates.

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What to do with High Heels?


Here are some tips for everyone who want to wear high heels.

1. “Change heel heights several times a day. Feet and legs shouldn’t be allowed to mold themselves to any one shoe shape.”

2. “Shoes are an emotional accessory; hurt your feet, hurt your feelings.”

3. “Befriend a salesperson who will tell you if a shoe will actually feel as good as it looks.”

4. “If you feel all the weight in the front of your foot, this heel’s your arch enemy — literally.”

5. “Your foot needs to ‘sit’ in a shoe. If you can wedge two fingers between your sole and the shoe — bye-bye!”

6. “Platforms should be no more than one-and-a-half inches high — or you’re dangling off a cliff.”

7. “Think Cinderella: A heeled shoe must fit perfectly. Faking it with the wrong size will get ugly.”

8. “Don’t shoe shop with swollen feet — e.g., when it’s hot or right after exercise.”

9. “To elongate your legs, ankle straps should sit above the ankle bone.”

10. “Still wobbling when you walk in your heels? Practice!”

Did you like this article? Let us know what else would you like to know about…. 

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Hair! Common Problems and Solutions


Hair is one of the most integral part of a beautiful look. Without a well groomed hair, other grooming effort is only half useful. Lets see what are the common hair issues, and how can you solve them.

Longer hairs means greater problems here are some common mistakes you might be making with your hairs.

Always Fastening Your Ponytail in the Same Spot

Because strands tend to get caught — and broken — in bands, it’s a good idea to alternate the fastening point. “Move it up a half inch one day, then down the next,” says celebrity stylist Richard Marin. Using seamless elastic bands, like Goody Ouchless Elastics, will further minimize damage.

Combing Wet Hair from Roots to Ends

A comb is easier on fragile wet hair than a brush is, but tugging it from scalp to tips can cause breakage. First, smooth out knots with a leave-in detangler. Then, says Marin, start to comb at ends, working up in sections.

Brushing Your Hair for Shine

All you need is a few strokes to style hair and spread the natural oils from roots to ends. “Anything more than that is unnecessary friction, which can lead to breakage,” says Amy J. McMichael, M.D., an associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Blow-Drying Hair That’s Dripping Wet

Not only will this make it difficult to style your hair, it will cause a ton of heat damage. “A blow dryer should be used on damp — not wet — hair for 20 minutes, tops,” says stylist Peter Coppola, creator of a QVC hair-care line. Before applying heat, wrap hair in a towel for five minutes, then let hair air-dry for another five.

Ignoring Your Scalp

To grow healthy hair, your scalp needs nourishment. “Massaging your head with your fingertips will stimulate blood flow,” says Christopher Mackin, a trichologist (hair expert) at the Gil Ferrer Salon, in New York City. For extra care, use a leave-in scalp treatment.

Using the Wrong Brush

The incorrect brush can not only ruin your style, it can get snagged in your hair. Generally, the longer your locks, the larger in diameter your brush should be (basically, more hair, more brush). To create volume, use a round brush; to smooth hair, a paddle shape is best.

Avoiding Hair Spray

It’s gotten a bad rap, but hair spray contains a polymer that actually locks out humidity, says Cheri McMaster, senior scientist for Pantene. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not harmful. “It’s the polymer, not the alcohol, that dries on your hair,” she says. “The alcohol evaporates before it hits your head.” Use just enough to hold your style.

Masking — Not Treating — Dandruff

Trying to nix flakes with moisturizing stylers like oils and pomades is only a temporary fix: Dandruff is actually an inflammatory scalp disease unrelated to dryness, says Dr. McMichael. The cure? A shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar to eliminate flakes.

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Remove Blackheads…Easily!


So, how to get rid of blackheads? Before we go there, lets first see What are blackheads?

Many girls and guys suffer from dark black heads on their nose which makes them feel bad. Here are some remedies on how to remove blackheads. Blackheads are the slightly different sibling of zits, and like zits, squeezing them can be addictive. Composed of the same oil, or sebum, that contributes to the production of pimples, blackheads result from a building up of this oil in pores – the difference in appearance is the result of the blackhead’s exposure to the air, the reaction of which with the oil causes the trademark black color of these blemishes. And while blackheads are more easily obscured by makeup, they can seem less offensive to the sufferer, and as a result, less damaging to squeeze. But the bad news is that this is not the best way of removing blackheads – the fun stuff is always bad for us! And while squeezing them might be fun, getting rid of them altogether sounds better. So what is the best way to remove blackheads from our lives? Here are some tips for removing blackheads for good.

Like pimples, blackheads are the result of an underlying skin problem – the over production of oil by glands contained in our skin, exacerbated by the improper shedding of old skin – and rather than removing blackheads by squeezing, the best way to get rid of them is by attacking the source of the problem. A good cleansing routine is one of the best ways to remove blackheads, as it will help wash away excess oil and dead skin particles. A gentle cleanser is a good choice as it won’t dry out the skin excessively (which results in the production of even more of that nasty sebum!). Combined with the use of a gentle exfoliant, which will help remove old skin cells, this is all you need to help keep your skin blackhead free.

But we all know that blackheads can be persistent, so how to get rid of blackheads that are more stubborn? Aggressive manipulation of the skin is never good, and so tips for removing blackheads include above all else a gentle touch. Before attempting to squeeze a blackhead, open up your pores by steaming your face, and then use a blackhead remover or some clean tissue to remove the blockage. Remember – the best way to remove blackheads is to be gentle! An overly heavy hand will only force the blockage deeper into the skin, causing dreaded zits. Surely squeezing isn’t worth that.

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Hi Beautiful!


Welcome to Khoobsurat – your very own beauty services specialist.

For Appointments, mail us at

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