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Indian beauty parlors across the world provide threading, facial and other beauty services. The Threading is an excellent way to trim and shape your eyebrows using a thread.

Some parlors also provide Bridal makeup and other bridal services. Henna is one of the most popular indian beauty service that is provided by many indian beauty salons.

You can choose from Countries or states that you are trying to find a Indian beauty parlor in. Australia | Canada | Europe | UK | USA

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What’s Threading?

Threading is an ancient Indian way of trimming and shaping the eyebrows using cotton thread.

What’s Henna?

Henna is a powdered herb that is used for many purposed. Most common beauty related uses of Henna is to be used to soothe and color your hair, as well as henna paste can be used to make temporary tattoos on skin.

Henna powder is green in color, and when mixed with water the paste becomes ready to apply on skin. When henna paste is applied to human skin and let dry for sometime, it turns into reddish to dark brown color giving it a beautiful tattoo kind look. Henna designs are easy to make and many creative ideas can be used to provide beautiful look on your hands, arms, forehead, cheeks and other body parts.

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Indian Beauty Parlor- Threading, Facial, Henna, Bridal, 1.9 out of 5 based on 8 ratings


  • B.Sreevidya (13 years)

    My face is oily. so what to do?

  • Al Naimi (13 years)

    We are interested in establishing a professional henna and beauty centre in Qatar. If possible circulate this request to your member of in your website.
    Le Cadeau Co

    State of Qatar

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