Because many nail disorders result from poor nail care, developing good nail habits today will help keep them healthy. Remember the following tips.

nail-care Diabetic Nail Care : It is important to control your blood sugar and blood pressure to maintain your health and prevent complications. Also, the key to maintaining healthy feet is to prevent injury by following a plan to check and care for your feet

1. Apply lotion to dry or cracked skin and to the soles of your feet. Do not put lotion between toes.

2. Do not try to cut off corns or calluses. If you have corns or calluses, inform your doctor during your next visit. Wearing soft socks and well-fitted shoes can prevent corns or calluses

3. If there are any signs of infection such as swelling, redness, drainage, fever, or chills consult your doctor immediately.

4.Dry your feet well. Make sure to dry in between the toes

Some Other Nail Care Tips :
To harden soft nails, soak them in warm olive oil for about 20 minutes, on alternate days.

If you want to give a natural sheen to your nails, just like the colorless base coat, rub petroleum jelly on your nails and then buff them, with the help of a soft cloth.

To harden soft nails, soak them in warm olive oil for about 20 minutes, on alternate days.

The best time to file your nails is when you are already wearing a polish. This will prevent splitting or breaking of nails

If you have brittle nails or split or dull nails, then increasing your consumption of Organic Silica, Vitamin B (especially B5) and MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) will surely help

It is not a good idea to remove the cuticles from your nails, as it will make the nail susceptible to infection. Rather, you should make use of good quality cuticle oil and gently push back the cuticles, with the help of an orangewood stick.

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