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A website about Indian Beauty Parlors and Salons across the world. We are trying to put together all of the indian beauty parlor information, their ratings by customers and comments by people like you!

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Our rating for indian beauty parlors is composed of 4 pointers: Service at the beauty salon, Cost of the services, Location of the indian beauty salon and the expertise of services at that salon.

We try our best to provide information about Beauty Parlours across USA, Europe, Australia, UK and Canada.

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Indianbeautysalon.com is the one stop information shop for Indian Beauty Parlors in United states, Europe, Canada, UK and Australia.

Indian beauty parlors across the world provide threading, facial and other beauty services. The Threading is an excellent way to trim and shape your eyebrows using a thread.

Some parlors also provide Bridal makeup and other bridal services. Henna is one of the most popular indian beauty service that is provided by many indian beauty salons.

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