Here is the Kohls Coupon 10$ Off 20$ Valid From June 9th till June 20th Fathers Day. The coupon says Photocopies and duplicate are not accepted, but still its worth a try.

┬áThis Offer is Good Towards EVERYTHING. Take 10$ Off any purchase of 20$ or more during the Fathers’ Day SAle at KOHLS.

The More You Know, The More your KOHL’S.

This coupon for Kohls 10$ off 20$ is valid only in AZ,CA,ID,NM,NV,TX and UT states, in STORES ONLY during June 9th to June 20th.

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Kohls: 10 Off 20 Coupon, Valid Till June 20th Fathers Day, 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings