Do you like the results of a leg wax, but not the expense? We’ll show you how to wax just like the pros. Don’t expect waxing yourself to be as easy as it looks, but with a little time and effort you can get smooth legs without the high professional price tag.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 30 minutes half leg wax / 1 hours full leg wax   

1. First choose your wax. There are many kinds on the market and you will need to learn a bit about them. Look for customer reviews to see how each product performs. As a beginner, choose a wax that can be applied cold or heated in the microwave. You may also want to try pre-waxed strips. For your first few times, buy small amounts of different styles to see which works best for you. Try not to invest too much money in your initial purchase, until you know what style or brands you prefer.


2. Get all of your materials together along with an old towel or cloth for wiping up hands or spills. Do not bathe or shower immediately before you wax (the skin will be softened by the water and can be damaged). If your skin is a bit damp or oily due to sweat, use some baby powder to soak up the extra moisture

3.The very first time should be considered a test. I recommend starting with your ankles — they are easy to reach, not too tender, and the best part: ankles are hard to shave well, but your waxing results should be splendid. Apply your waxing product according to the directions in a small patch of skin. This allows you to test for possible allergic reaction. If you are testing more than one brand or type, you can try a small area with each of them.

4.Now is the moment of truth. No matter what type of wax you are using you will make three general movements. Apply the wax or strip. Rub the strip or allow hot wax to cool. Rip the wax or strip straight backwards toward your leg(not pulling it away from the skin, but back towards your leg).

5.It will hurt! Not much at first, you will probably find the first strip doesn’t hurt as much as expected. But that is just the shock! It will sting a bit, and the follicles could get a bit swelled giving a red dotty rash or "chicken skin." Immediately after ripping the strip, put gentle pressure on the area. There should be no bleeding if you did it right, but sometimes even experts can get a few bits of skin. If this is your first test, stop after one or two strips of each kind to watch for allergic reaction. Enjoy your smooth ankles that don’t have to be shaved for over a month. Use some aloe gel to remove wax buildup and sooth skin.

6.Zip wax, the oldest and still a customer favorite

If it is your second time and you know you have a good wax for your skin type, you will continue to work your way up your legs, applying wax, waiting and then stripping. It is fun! Continue until you are uncomfortable with the stinging, then stop and work some more another day. Eventually, with plenty of practice you will be able to wax your legs easily at home, and consider moving on to other more intimate parts. Like your armpits! Happy waxing.

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