Blush is often the last cosmetic to be used on face while doing makeup. The method of applying blush differs with the facial shape and the right application of blusher can make your face look longer or wider, as desired. Here are some tips to use while applying blush

When applying blush remember your face shape ApplyingBlush

For Long Face :

If your face shape is long – Apply the blush color lesser than the lower edge of the cheekbone and keep the angle horizontal for such a face to create the width of the face. For round and square face: Apply color in the middle of the face. Don’t get close on the nose.

Step 1.

In order to find your cheekbones suck your cheeks in. Now feel along the edge of the cheekbone. This is where you have to place the cheek color to make your cheekbones more prominent and enhance your other features as well.

Step 2

Now give a smile to yourself. This will reveal the apples of your cheeks. Then, dip your blush brush into the powder, shake off the excess, and brush it lightly over the apple of your cheek, moving upwards toward the ear, with short, up-and-down vertical movements.

Step 3

You should apply your blusher underneath the cheekbone but for an even stronger look you can apply some to the temple also.

Step 4

Again smile and apply the blusher to the apples of your cheeks. If you keep the blush color on the front of your cheeks then it will not only give an illusion of clear skin but also emphasize your eyes.

Step 5

In case your face cut is long and narrow then you need to create width. For this you should apply the color no higher than the lower edge of cheekbone and keep the angle horizontal. You should apply blush color only on the outer side of your cheeks, as cheek color in the middle of the face will emphasize length only.

Step 6

In case you want to enhance the length of your face then you should apply blush color in the middle of your face. The cheek color on the outer side of your cheeks will only emphasize roundness of your face.

 Tips to remember when you apply blush

While selecting the color of blush make sure that it matches your lipstick color

Make sure that before applying the blush you are finished with application of powder, foundation and eye makeup

On your brush or on your middle finger place a little amount of the blush and ensure that you tap off the excess amount of blush if there is any.

In case of high cheekbones you should apply the blush in the center of your face

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