Believe it or not, Its recession. Its affecting every one. Some are affected more and some are less. Many people I know have stopped going on shopping sprees, and cutting their credit cards to save some money.

So, how do we keep up with the latest fashion, and maintain that status in this recession? How do we still get that WOW! What a dress! gesture from friends and family? Here are some tips…

Go for a low cost – low maintanence dress which is really good, instead of spending on 3-4 dresses which are just so-so. This will make sure your dress stands out, and will also make sure your credit cards stay in. Low maintanance will also help you reduce those laundry bills.

If you dont want to buy something new, wake up the creative genious in you. That old skirt you always wore and now its eating dust. Mix-n-match it with a sexy top, put on a pashmina or a scarf, and there you go! a whole new look without spending a buck. You can do wonders with your existing clothes and accessories if you just be a little creative.

Ok, so you do want something new but dont want to spend much? Instead of a dress, go for an accessory. Not only will it give you a new look, it will satisfy your shopping craving also.

enjoy..have a happy shopping!


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