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New and In: hairstyles for Modern Indian Girls


Here are some cool new latest hairstyles for modern Indian girls.Whether you are a teen Indian girl or a hip professional women, these hairstyles will add to your look and your sexyness all over again.
So if you are in for a new and in look – look no further…try one of these hairdos and see how you inspire awe and ooohs in the crowd around you.

Latest Hair Style for indian Girls

Latest Hair Style for indian Girls

Cool Casual Sexy Look for Indian Girls Hair

Cool Casual Sexy Look for Indian Girl's Hair

Nice casual look for indian girls hairstyle

Nice casual look for indian girls hairstyle

Cool Casual Look-Everyone will turn around to look at you!

Cool Casual Look-Everyone will turn around to look at you!


Simple, Sexy, Elegant! Awesome.

Simple, Sexy, Elegant! Awesome.


Try one of these hairstyles, and everyone will say “Dekhi Lakh Lakh Pardesi Girls – Ain’t no body like a Desi Girl!!”

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How to Maintain Your Fashion Status in this recession?


Believe it or not, Its recession. Its affecting every one. Some are affected more and some are less. Many people I know have stopped going on shopping sprees, and cutting their credit cards to save some money.

So, how do we keep up with the latest fashion, and maintain that status in this recession? How do we still get that WOW! What a dress! gesture from friends and family? Here are some tips…

Go for a low cost – low maintanence dress which is really good, instead of spending on 3-4 dresses which are just so-so. This will make sure your dress stands out, and will also make sure your credit cards stay in. Low maintanance will also help you reduce those laundry bills.

If you dont want to buy something new, wake up the creative genious in you. That old skirt you always wore and now its eating dust. Mix-n-match it with a sexy top, put on a pashmina or a scarf, and there you go! a whole new look without spending a buck. You can do wonders with your existing clothes and accessories if you just be a little creative.

Ok, so you do want something new but dont want to spend much? Instead of a dress, go for an accessory. Not only will it give you a new look, it will satisfy your shopping craving also.

enjoy..have a happy shopping!


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10 Fashion Tips for modern girls…

0 you are. I guess if you are on this page you are looking for something new. Something that has never been told or said before – let alone published on the web.

I’ll try to provide you with some novelty ideas….

Be Different:
   If you know the people you are going to meet – like at a party, or the gettogether, you probably know about their dressing sense. Just give five minutes of thought to what you think they will be wearing and that will help you decide your best attire. Just do it different from what you think they will be doing.

Scarves on the move:
 Scarves are a good piece of clothing that can make that lasting impression. Try it. Scarves are a great way to add a touch of color and fashion to any outfit, while pocket squares can bring a vibrant touch of color to tailored suits.

Color it (B)right:

Bright colors bring attention to an area – make sure you wear them wisely and only on your most flattering body parts.90% of looking your best is simply a choice of wearing the proper colors for your season. Your skin looks younger and healthier, eyes look brighter, teeth look whiter

Go for the short nail with the big impact. Snap up your fall look with glam metallics. Think of heavy metals infused with pigment and sheen like the patina of rich auto exteriors and you?ve nailed the right color for your next manicure.

Messy makeup lines can ruin your look! Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. This is the key to looking great.

There are days when you just can’t get the minute to fix your hair. And then, there are times when the nonchalant ponytail is just what makes an otherwise elaborate outfit look simple and polished. Try Ponytail, once in a while.

Skip Denim when everybody else won’t. If you are going to be at a place where most of the folks would come in a jeans, go for a dress. Make a statement.

Jewelry – You don’t have to invest a fortune for a great look. High quality costume jewelry is perfectly acceptable, except for rings, which should be real gold or silver. One in each hand please. Pearls and a quality watch are also excellent wardrobe investments.

Forget about sizes – Choose the clothing that fits you best. Choose misses or half sizes if they fit better. Too tight clothes only add on the pounds! Don’t wear anything that is too tight. Skirts should cover the knee; jackets should not strain with movement; armholes need to be large enough

Wear this even when you are not dressed up to your best, dont forget to wear your attitude. Above all that matters, Attitude matters alot.

Try these, and let me know how you feel….meanwhile, i will work on a few beauty tips for the Khoobsurat in you!

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What to do with High Heels?


Here are some tips for everyone who want to wear high heels.

1. “Change heel heights several times a day. Feet and legs shouldn’t be allowed to mold themselves to any one shoe shape.”

2. “Shoes are an emotional accessory; hurt your feet, hurt your feelings.”

3. “Befriend a salesperson who will tell you if a shoe will actually feel as good as it looks.”

4. “If you feel all the weight in the front of your foot, this heel’s your arch enemy — literally.”

5. “Your foot needs to ‘sit’ in a shoe. If you can wedge two fingers between your sole and the shoe — bye-bye!”

6. “Platforms should be no more than one-and-a-half inches high — or you’re dangling off a cliff.”

7. “Think Cinderella: A heeled shoe must fit perfectly. Faking it with the wrong size will get ugly.”

8. “Don’t shoe shop with swollen feet — e.g., when it’s hot or right after exercise.”

9. “To elongate your legs, ankle straps should sit above the ankle bone.”

10. “Still wobbling when you walk in your heels? Practice!”

Did you like this article? Let us know what else would you like to know about…. 

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